Hidden Gems Hunter is a blog dedicated to indie games. It is for people who want something a little bit different from their video games.

There is a lot to like about indie games. They’re created by people with a very clear vision of what they want to do, and their goals are often very different from what one will find in a AAA release. Some may be completely off the wall creations that look at games in a totally new way. Other times, the game may be a simple, heart-felt love letter to a game or genre of the past. Then there is everything that falls in between. There is a lot to like from these games and often they can become overlooked under the unrelenting grind of new releases.

Articles posted here are intended to help suggest games that people may want to try. Several games get released each month, and many of these slip between the cracks. Hopefully, these pieces will help connect readers with interesting experiences that they might otherwise have missed out on. Basically, if the game is covered here, it means we liked it a fair bit. We don’t want to waste our time, or yours, on sub par titles.

Ultimately, the site is intended more as a resource than any sort of game journalism. As time passes and the posts mount up, hopefully this blog will become a useful tool for individuals who are interested or simply curious about indie games. In time I hope that Hidden Gems Hunter will become an indispensable site for people that want a new and exciting experience when playing games.