Here readers will find an archive of all games that have been covered on Hidden Gems Hunter. These are games that are complete and ready for retail. Games that are still in development, are early access, etc., can be found in the “In Development” directory. Titles are listed alphabetically.


Hop in for a few minutes or whittle away an entire evening fighting scores of yakuza, street thugs, and cyborg in futuristic Mega Tokyo. The cyberpunk arena slasher is very addicting and looks nice to boot.


Axiom Vergeaxiom-verge-gameplay-screenshot-3

One of the best metroidvania games available at the moment. With tons of exploration, fast-paced action, imposing bosses, and an interesting story, there is a lot to like about this game. It’s an excellent place to start for people curious about the genre.


A futuristic, atmospheric racing game where players drive their car through a high-tech cityscape doing stunts, soaking in the audio visual splendor of every stage. Between all of the different game modes and user-created content, there is a lot for people to do here.


door-kickers-action-squad-gameplay-5Door Kickers: Action Squad

This is an arcade-style spin-off too KillHouse Games’ 2014 tactical strategy title. While it infuses strong action elements and a much quicker pace, it still requires players to use their head, and think hard about how they’ll take down enemies.



An action platformer roguelike with a nice retro look and unique gameplay. Who would have thought diving down a well, blasting everything in sight with your trusty pair of gun boots could be so much fun?


Epistory – Typing Chroniclesepistory-gameplay-screenshot-1

This game’s pop-up book inspired art style will likely be the first thing that gets most people’s attention. However, it’s also a very engaging typing game that requires a bit of tactical acumen to make the most of a situation.

fight-n-rage-gameplay-screenshot-1Fight’N Rage

Harking back to arcade games of old, Fight’N Rage has great sprite art, a robust combat system, branching paths, and a bunch of unlockable goodies. Easily one of the best beat ’em ups of recent years.

FTL (Faster Than Light)ftl-faster-than-light-gameplay-screenshot-1

Captain a spaceship while trying to escape a rebel fleet in this science fiction-themed rogue-like full of in-depth, engaging conflict. It’s a game that requires lots of strategy while providing tons of replay value.

glass-masquerade-gameplay-screenshot-3Glass Masquerade

Jigsaw puzzles can be a lot of fun, but they also take up a lot of space. So, it’s a good thing there are games like this one where one can make puzzles on their computer screen instead. Moreover, it’s a very laid back experience with beautiful stained glass art and relaxing soundtrack.


Half exploration, half daunting boss fights, this game provides and interesting mix of the relaxing and the epic. All the while, enjoy being immersed in Norse mythology while being treated to wonderful hand drawn graphics and an excellent soundtrack.

Mini Metromini-metro-gameplay-screenshot-3

Make and maintain complex subway systems in metropolises around the world in this engaging puzzle game. It’s a simple concept with a minimalist visual style that can really gobble up players’ time without even noticing.


Control a blob of bio matter, trying to absorb smaller blobs while avoiding being absorbed by larger ones in this relaxing puzzle game. Some might say this is a very absorbing game.


Papers, Pleasepapers-please-gameplay-screenshot-3

Play as a border inspector in a fictional Soviet state during the Cold War. Check passports and visas, interview suspicious people trying to enter the country, all while trying to feed your family. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable experience amidst a very bleak world.

pig-eat-ball-gameplay-screenshot-4Pig Eat Ball

Easily one of the most unusual games to come along in recent years. Control a pig princess through a space station, collecting tennis balls, making sandwiches, and fighting some of the most bizarre bosses ever in her quest not to get married. All while barfing all over the place (In-game, not in real life).


An action-platformer rogue-like shrouded in darkness. Players lead a green-haired protagonist through a series of caverns with only some fire arrows and hanging lanterns to light the way. Collect coins to buy upgrade on subsequent playthroughs and hopefully explore deeper into the cavern.

shinkendo gameplay screenshot 2SHINKENDO

A simple fighting game originally submitted for GBJAM5 featuring a pair of rival samurai fighting on a bridge. What the game lacks in buttons and inputs, it more than makes up for with mind games. It’s a fighting game that both veterans and newcomers to the genre can enjoy.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Actionva-11-hall-a-gameplay-screenshot-1

Serve drinks and listening to customers’ stories in this cyberpunk visual novel / adventure game. This is a game dripping with charm, chalk full of likable characters, with surprisingly engaging bartending gameplay.

way-of-the-passive-fist-gameplay-screenshot-1Way of the Passive Fist

Getting tired of punching and kicking your way to victory in beat ’em ups? Perhaps consider taking this game for a spin. Here your character blocks and dodges attacks until enemies are exhausted, then dispatches them with a single poke.



A love letter to shoot ’em ups throughout the years. See how many references you can find to some of the greatest entries in the genre while enjoying tight controls and a retro visual style with interesting use of color palette.